About Us

Trust, Tenacity, Loyalty & Growth

We Are The New
EF Hutton

In the past, EF Hutton was known for the things they said, the information they passed on, and the wise advice they gave. We are proud of that past. Today, we are forging a new future – to empower our clients to go forward, guide them to see further, and to help them build stronger – so that together, we can create prosperity from the 21st century’s most ambitious visions.

We talk, yes, and when we do, so much more happens than just listening. We are the new EF Hutton. Together, we can find solutions, overcome barriers, build teams, and make amazing things happen.

A Dedicated Leadership Team

Our Executive team focuses on helping our clients and our team alike - they strive to help our clients grow through a diverse
suite of financing solutions, and they support and develop our team members and ignite their careers.

Investment Banking and Capital Markets


Stephanie (Mengjie) Hu

Co-Head of Investment Banking


Gaurav Verma

Co-Head of Investment Banking


David Sans, FAARM, PhD, MBA

Head Of Healthcare


Duncan B. Swanston

Head Of Structured Products



Sharad Agrawal

Chief Technology Officer


Jared S. Merlin

Chief Compliance Officer

Community & Stewardship

As a dedicated member of the local community EF Hutton contributes more than $5,000,000
annually to organizations and charitable events with a focus on:

Youth Development & Education


Community Needs

MIlitary & Veterans

Our Doors Are Always Open