$29.95 per Month Unlimited Stock Trading

30-day no-obligation Trial Period. You will be charged after your Free Trial is complete unless you have canceled. You get the EF Hutton Stock Report and the right to trade in U.S. Listed Stocks Commission-free. No-Commission options trading also available if you qualify (for an additional cost)

$29.95 Unlimited Stock Trades

For a low monthly fee, EF Hutton allows clients to invest and execute an unlimited number of trades for just one flat fee.  Margin available at 3.75%

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EF Hutton's Digital Advisor

EF Hutton's Digital Advisor builds and maintains a portfolio for you based on your time frame and goals for only a 0.35% annual fee.  Account minimum of $2500 applies.

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EF Hutton's Holiday Stock Challenge

Try your hand at our Holiday Stock picking Challenge.  Start with a $100,000 fake account, buy and sell stocks, ETFs and Options and compete against other investors.

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Invest based on your life, not on your broker’sEF Hutton's automated investment platform doesn't have plans to select—it builds a custom portfolio based on your goals.
Start building a portfolio just for you.
EF Hutton and Sallie Mae®, Helping You Save and Pay for College

EF Hutton's mission is to serve clients nationwide by delivering innovative products that remove roadblocks to investing. The rising cost of higher education limits our ability to save, and pay, for college. To address this need, EF Hutton has partnered with Sallie Mae to create a clear path to success for today's youth

EF Hutton has partnered with Tradier Brokerage Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. All accounts are carried and cleared with APEX Clearing Corporation.

Individuals who sign up are eligible to choose a 30 day free trial from one of three monthly EasyTrade Plans.
• EasyTrade Stock Plan - $29.95 per month
• EasyTrade Option Plan - $49.95 per month
• EasyTrade Stock & Option Plan - $64.95 per month
Offer must be canceled within 30 days from service to avoid monthly charge. If service is not terminated within 30 days of account opening, the monthly rate of the plan chosen will be automatically charged until canceled. Closeout fees and other fees may apply. Options trading carries additional risks and may not be suitable for all investors. Before adding options to your trading strategy, carefully understand the risk by downloading the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options and Supplements (PDF) from The Options Clearing Corporation. Options Trading is offered through Tradier Brokerage.
Margin trading involves risk and interest charges. There is the potential to lose more than deposited or to deposit additional funds into your account. Certain option strategies require adding margin trading to your brokerage account. Margin is offered through Tradier Brokerage.
EF Hutton does not provide opinions, tax, legal, or accounting advice.
EF Hutton has partnered with Tradier Brokerage Inc. to offer EasyTrade Plans. Tradier Brokerage – Member FINRA and SIPC. EasyTrade Plans are self-directed. All accounts are carried and cleared with APEX Clearing Corporation. For a detailed explanation of fees click here.
EF Hutton Investments LLC has partnered with TD Ameritrade to offer our managed platform.  TD Ameritrade – Member FINRA and SIPC.

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