Equity as a Growth Catalyst

We are opportunity-driven buy-side industry veterans. EF Hutton maintains broad industry scopes and becomes fully immersed to better understand your company, your industry and your growth needs, to position you for long-term success. EF Hutton is a premier investment bank. Our ultimate purpose is to partner with our clients to provide the growth capital they need to achieve their strategic goals. The emerging growth universe offers a fertile hunting ground for alpha generation as there are routine occurrences of mispriced securities that can be capitalized upon and used to drive outsized returns.

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Equity Services

  • SPAC IPO’s and Traditional IPO’s
  • Follow-On and Secondary Offerings (PIPEs, Registered Directs, CMPOs, Rights Offerings, Convertibles, and ATM Offerings)
  • Shelf takedowns
  • Acquisition financing strategies
  • Pre-IPO financing

Cross-Border Capital

EF Hutton maintains broad investor coverage and senior relationships with global asset managers, banks, middle-market credit funds, brokerages and family offices, giving us access to cross-border capital. Our platform reaches a proprietary network of in-house retail accounts, allowing us to source capital from various investor groups.

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Wide Distribution Channels

We leverage existing relationships with industry professionals and capital providers from across the globe to unlock opportunities that were previously unavailable to our clients. EF Hutton has developed a vast global network of ultra-high-net-worth individuals in the private-client base.

EF Hutton organizes multiple deal and non-deal marketing days for its clients annually. We are proactive in the after-market, providing secondary market liquidity and creative investment banking follow-up. Our non-deal investor roadshows and conferences provide an important venue for investor-issuer dialog and communication.

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Debt Capital Markets

Wide-Ranging Debt Products

EF Hutton offers a vast array of debt products including traditional fixed income securities, privately negotiated loans and preferred equity securities to our global customers ranging from small-cap publicly traded corporate clients to privately-held middle-market companies.

Creative Debt Advisory and Structures

EF Hutton can source debt funding from multiple parties, and from multiple issuances which have the potential to result in decreased costs, allowing for greater fundraising through a single deal process. We know the market and specialize in creative debt structures such as asset-based financing, uni-tranche, credit lines, and bridge financing, structured equity, private convertible debt, preferred and more.

Unbiased Guidance, Research and Analysis

Rooted in a fundamental, bottoms-up analysis we are an invaluable partner to management teams that seek to maximize capital allocation and to drive total shareholder return. EF Hutton provides unbiased expert guidance on the marketplace, the possible issuing price and all key factors that are impactful to any potential debt offering. We invest the necessary time and resources toward pre-underwriting debt counseling for our clients.

Profitable Relationships

Our institutional distribution network of CLOs, CDOs and subordinated debt funds is one of the strongest amongst mid-size and specialist investment banks. Over many decades, we’ve cultivated senior-level relationships with global asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds, banks, middle-market credit funds, family offices and specialty lenders. We leverage these relations on behalf of our clients to negotiate favorable terms.