Tenacious Team

The EF Hutton team of sales professionals are among the most deeply-informed and tenacious on Wall Street. Through the EF Hutton global network we maintain strong investor relations allowing us to share your company’s story with the most active institutional buyers in the world — mutual funds, hedge funds, insurance firms, pension funds and the like. Our primary objective is to turn the right institutional investors into your shareholders.

Powerful Distribution Platform

Dedicated capital markets team will utilize the firm’s resources and capabilities to optimize results for each client

Meaningful working relationships with top-tier small and mid-cap portfolio managers at larger institutions

Our institutional and private client distribution network is one of the strongest amongst midsize and specialist investment banks

We have built a powerful multi-channel platform reaching US institutional investors, global financial institutions and high net worth private clients

Developed a vast global network of ultrahigh-net-worth individuals in the private client base

EF Hutton organizes multiple deal and non-deal marketing days for its clients annually

Our Distribution Channels Across Both Institutional and Private Clients are Amongst the Strongest of Our Competitors

After-Market Support

Strong aftermarket support is integral for the success of a public offering. EF Hutton is proactive in the after-market, seeking secondary market liquidity and creative investment banking follow-up. Our non-deal investor roadshows and conferences provide an important venue for investor-issuer dialogue and communication. EF Hutton is proactive in the process of creating marketability, visibility and above all, liquidity in your publicly traded stock.