Investment Methodology

We start by understanding your goals and your risk tolerance and other investment parameters. Then, we determine what mix of investment portfolios are best for you. The result is a portfolio that matches your risk tolerance and time frame.

Portfolio Construction

Based on your particular goal we use modern investment techniques to construct your portfolio. Your portfolio maybe a diversified asset allocated long term portfolio or a more concentrated portfolio based on current market conditions. As the investor, you decide.

Portfolio Components

The portfolio may consist of mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) individual stocks and index funds. The components will be based on your particular strategy.

Portfolio Monitoring

We continuously monitor portfolios and their component securities to ensure they are performing well for our clients. At times we will replace components or re-balance the portfolio by adjusting the percentage composition of the components.

DIGITAL INVESTINGEF Hutton offers two levels of service for investors that want to do most of their own investing.
Choose what best fits your investment style.