Since 2012, Mr. Rumbough has been a director of EFH Group, Inc. (WY). For the past twenty years, Mr. Rumbough has been a philanthropist, a collector of fine art, and a photographer. He was a lieutenant in the US Marine Corp on active duty from 1970 to 1974 and inactive duty until he retired from service in 1978 with the rank of Captain. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver and received an MBA from Columbia University.

Mr. Daniels is Co-chairman and CEO of HUTN, Inc., and CEO of Megga Inc. Mr. Daniels is recognized as a thought-leader and innovator in applying technology to expand consumer choices. His pioneering and disruptive influence has touched internet services, mobile systems, and digital media. For the last three years, he has focused on using internet technologies to alleviate the national crisis caused by the trillion dollar gap in retirement funding. He holds two pending patents for retirement systems. Mr. Daniels has substantial expertise in structured finance, at one point leading a structured finance specialty firm. He started his career at EF Hutton as a banker in the firm's top-ranked healthcare finance group. Mr. Daniels earned a BA from Hamilton College, an MBA from Cornell University, and a masters' degree from Harvard University.