EF Hutton Educational Services
Classes for serious investors, whether beginner or advanced.
Online classes taught by professionals, each of whom have over ten years
of experience.

Classes start in Fall 2017

A LEVEL -Beginner
A-101 Financial Markets
A-102 Trading
A-103 Long-Term Investing
A-104 Portfolio Research
A-105 Commodities Basics
A-106 Intro to Currency/Forex
A-107 Practical Macro-economics
A-110 Real Estate Basics
A-111 Mortgage
A-112 Personal Credit
A-115 How to Buy a Car
A-120 How to Buy a Home
A-140 Scams and Schemes to Avoid
A-155 What do With an Inheritance or Lottery Win
B LEVEL - Intermediate
B-201 Portfolio Rebalancing and Resetting
B-205 Overview of Alternative Assets
B-206 Assets Available to Accredited Investors (must qualify for this course)
B-208 Evaluating Hedge Funds
B-210 Event-Driven Investing
B-214 Art and Collectibles Market
B-217 Small Cap Market
B-221 High Yield Market
B-227 Financial Statement Analysis
B-233 Mergers & Acquisitions
B-241 Proxy Fights
B-252 Preferred Stock and Dividends
B-265 Using Limits for Protection and Gain
C LEVEL - Advanced
-301 Global Forex
C-302 Federal Reserve Signals
C-305 Option Strategies Asset Correlations
C-310 Structured Finance
C-321 Arbitrage Strategies
C-333 Convertible Securities
C-345 Portfolio Leverage
C-352 Impact of Government Policy on Markets
C-361 HFT: High Frequency Trading
C-375 Perspective of a Market Maker
C-381 Trading Signals