Conference Series


Out next conference will be held on October 20, 2018 at Antioch College in Yellow Springs. We will be covering Social Capital. Click here to register. 


Social capital is widely seen as the overall value of a community and the connections between the people and organizations within. As our communities spread out to exist more on the Internet, social media giants are cashing in on the value of user data and the connections and resources shared between them.


“This is the new social capital. The value of users’ time and creativity will result in $25 billion of ad revenue going to major companies like Facebook and Google this year,” said Chris Daniels, CEO of EF Hutton, Inc. This session of the EF Hutton Talks Conference Series will dig deeper into this topic.


EF Hutton is not only leading the discussion about this critical issue, but is also working on potential solutions. is our new social media platform that offers users the opportunity to get a return for their online social capital in the form of long-term savings. Just by using our apps, which mirror the form and function of popular mainstream social platforms, the user accumulates cryptocurrency tokens called “meggacoins” redeemable later for cash. Details are available at, or search your app store for meggalife to download and start earning!


About EF Hutton Talks Conference Series 

The EF Hutton Talks Conference Series is an effort to establish an ongoing, public and industry-led dialogue on the subjects of Internet User Rights, Social Capital, and the misuse of subscriber data. The intent is to connect industry and academic leaders, to generate not just open discussion but coordinated action with regard to the financial well-being of all Americans. The quarterly conferences will set the stage to explore today’s problems and develop tomorrow’s solutions.


At each session, we will also provide information on of the potential solutions to increasing the Social Capital of social internet users,, by EF Hutton. Meggalife is an online platform that benefits users by providing an option for long-term savings funded by advertising revenue and based on relative usage. It is offered by Megga, Inc., a subsidiary of HUTN Inc. Meggalife has been under development for two years and was funded by EF Hutton, an affiliated leader in digital finance and investment services. For more information, visit www.meggalife.comWhile participants will be introduced to the products and services of the event sponsors, the conference is free of charge with no obligations and includes complimentary lunch and refreshments.


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